Shampoo & Shower gel – Cedarwood & Pure Gold – 40ml


  • The Cedar Wood & Gold Shampoo & Shower Gel is loaded with vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals to reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.
  • It’s a totally organic, natural and plant-based shampoo for all hair types and shower gel.
  • Bursting with the most luxurious natural ingredients, cleans, nourishes.
  • Shampoo: apply one or two pumps on your hair then gently massage your scalp and wash your hair. Use daily for best result.
    Shower Gel: apply a small quantity on the loofah during shower and add a few drops of water, rub your body then wash it again.
  • Handmade products and traditionally crafted in LEBANON with only the finest ingredients. Using old-world methods produces an oil that has few impurities and an incredibly smooth texture which creates a longer lasting scent.

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