Our Rights On Vendors

Lebanese Shopping Center Rights

We believe ads should help vendors grow their businesses. We offer vendors multiple advertising services to promote their items. We do promote vendors items and not their page on Instagram, Facebook .

We do have the right to use the items pictures listed in our website to promote on our different advertising channels.

We currently have a promoted list on our main page, that encourage buyers to search the whole website by most rated and most purchased items.

We will be offering multiple packages for the promoted listing later.

We have different ways of paying our vendors : by Cash or by WHISH MONEY ( fees applies )

We are responsible of shipping your items, you should update the status of the item on your dashboard in order for us to know.

We will pick up your item from the address you specified when registering within 1-2 business days once it’s ready.

We will make sure the item is similar to the pictures on your products, we have the right to return the item from our end if the item is not similar to the pictures the customer saw.

Any defected item from your side can be returned directly.
Any item defected after we pick up from you and before we deliver to the client will be our responsibility.

We have the right to cancel your account at anytime if any of the following
1 Sending defected items
2 As we mentioned before, we have the right to return any item that looks different than the pictures, if this happens many time we have the right to deactivate your account without notice.    
3 We Deactivate any account that have been registered for 2 weeks without adding any product on his page because we consider that he doesnt want to join Lebanese Shopping Center.
4 We have the right to deactivate any account that we feel does not follow Lebanese Shopping Center’s rules.
5 We have the right to deactivate an account if we feel that the prices are being higher than the selling prices on other platforms because we want to serve the customers in a better way.